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Born and raised in Germany, I grew up on a hearty, traditional German diet. My parents and grandparents loved spoiling me with treats. But this rich diet was not without consequences. The neighborhood kids began teasing me about my weight. But much worse - at age 12 - I was diagnosed with the autoimmune and skin disorder psoriasis. Thus, began my 35-year-long battle with this "uncurable" chronic condition. 


One of the "highlights" of my journey was being covered with 70% psoriatic plaques at age 22 after two unsuccessful hospital stays of three and six weeks respectively.

Thomas at age 22 with 70% plaque psoriasis

My search to regain my health lead me to many alternative healing approaches, but nutrition always played a central role in my trials and errors. While I was able to find some temporary relief on occasion, I never was able to permanently reverse the disease. I had resorted to just accept my fate until a series of events at age 42 changed my life.


I started developing joint and muscle pains that were later diagnosed as psoriatic arthritis. Faced with the prospect of having to take the immune system suppressing, chemotherapy drug methotrexate, I took my search for nutritional interventions to a whole new level.

It took dedication, consistency, faith, and patience, but after a few months, I noticed changes - some of them were not directly related to my psoriatic arthritis - but were thrilling nonetheless. I lost almost 50 lbs, stopped snoring, became happier, less anxious, more energetic, and my blood pressure and LDL dropped. And slowly but surely, all painful, arthritic joints and inflamed muscles started loosening up and returned to normal. Eventually, almost all psoriatic plaques cleared up as well.

Thomas at age 46 completely clear of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

Despite having aged 32 years, I am in better health than I was at age 22. Everyday I wake up, I am thankful for the healing that has taken place. Having reversed an "uncurable" disease is truly miraculous.

Thomas at 228 lbs in 2010
Thomas at 184 lbs in 2015

Educating clients about the power of healthful nutrition has become my passion and professional mission. In order to deepen my understanding of the intricate connections between our bodies' biology and the foods and beverages we consume, I earned a degree in dietetics & nutrition to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN).

228 lbs in 2010

184 lbs in 2015

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