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Eat Well

Achieve Your Goals

Bosch Nutrition has partnered with EatLove to offer you a fully customizable meal planning platform that makes creating beautiful, delicious, and nutritious meals a breeze.


EatLove also makes real-time food logging and nutrition analysis a cinch. Do you want to create smart grocery lists with delivery options from Amazon Fresh & Instacart? No problem. And you can add your own recipes and edit EatLove's recipes according to your preferences.


Tailored to your lifestyle, EatLove's meal plans are personalized and completely customizable to your medical conditions, food allergies, taste and cultural preferences, as well as your weight goals.

EatLove Saves You Money Benefits the Environment:


EatLove will save you money and help protect the environment, since improved health through nutritious foods and efficient meal planning means fewer medications and doctor visits while utilizing the cost savings of economies of scale. Less food will be wasted through optimized food prep, leftover planning, recipe scaling, batch preparation, and super easy grocery list creation. And all that translates to saving you time that you can spend with your loved ones or invest in you.​

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What You Get With EatLove:

  • Personalized meal planning and fresh selection of daily recipe recommendations to achieve your health goals with the flexibility to easily adjust your meals to your schedule, likes, and goals

  • Tested, tasty and easy to follow recipes with access to EatLove's database of 4,800+ recipes, each vetted by dietitians

  • Real-time food logging and nutrition analysis

  • Advanced food prep scheduling to save you time and make cooking at home as easy and fun as it should be

  • Smart grocery list creation from the meal plan's ingredients and optimized for food waste reduction that saves you money and makes whipping through the store a breeze​

  • Integrated grocery delivery options through AmazonFresh and Instacart

  • Ability to add your own recipes and edit EatLove's recipes according to your own preferences and needs

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How to Get Started With EatLove:


In just a few clicks, you can start creating comprehensive and 100% personalized and customizable meal plans on demand.

Bosch Nutrition is excited to work closely with you to determine your individualized Nutrition Prescription, so you can fully utilize the power of EatLove to create nourishing, healing, and bonding meals to enjoy with your family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues.

After an initial consultation (see here) to assess your nutrition, dietary, health/medical needs, and weight goals (including goal-setting, nutrition education, dietary information and resources), you can chose one of the following meal planning memberships.

EatLove is your solution to aligning food choices to your goals, helping you work toward sustainable health and wellness outcomes.

Here’s how it works:


Bosch Nutrition will determine your Nutrition Prescription/Rx by evaluating the optimal eating strategy for your personal health and weight goals, medical conditions, and food allergies. EatLove then personalizes and scales that Nutrition Rx to suit your and your family's lifestyle, eating habits, cultural preferences and tastes, as well as skills in the kitchen.


Monthly Membership Includes:

  • Fully customizable meal plans and swappable recipes based on your individual needs​

  • Weekly menus for 1-7 days including 1-3 meals and snacks per day

  • Real-time food logging and nutrition analysis

  • Printable menus and handy shopping lists that you can edit and shop with on your phone

  • Integrated grocery delivery options through AmazonFresh and Instacart

  • Adding your own recipes and edit EatLove's recipes according to your own/family's preferences and needs

  • Private Facebook Group for support, accountability, and sharing of valuable nutrition information

Quarterly and Annual Memberships Include All Of the Above Plus+

  • Accountability and coaching support from a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

  • Personalized nutrition education & guidance

  • Messaging support with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

  • Food logging and nutrition analysis review

Membership Options:

Monthly Membership

Vegan or vegetarian restaurant dishes to

$ 30

Ideal for exploring the transformative health benefits of targeted, personalized meal planning.

Quarterly Membership


$ 75  (17% savings)

Perfect for developing healthier meal planning habits and addressing less complicated/mild chronic disease conditions, initial/moderate weight loss/gain needs, intermediate & advanced level cooking experience, or for individuals who need shorter term support in making sustainable nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Annual Membership

Top view of friends having lunch.jpg

$ 99  (73% savings)

Perfect for longer-term reversal or management of complex/severe chronic disease conditions, extensive weight loss/gain needs, beginner level cooking experience, or for individuals who need longer support in making sustainable nutrition and lifestyle changes.

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