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Bosch Nutrition will partner with your pratice to provide evidence-based, scientifically-proven, affordable preventive and lifestyle medicine programs.

Follow These 5 Steps to Help Your Patients Improve and Regain Their Health

1. Screen

Screen your patients for pre-diabetes, diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions

2. Inform

Provide patients with Bosch Nutrition, HEAL, CHIP or PreventT2 information materials (see HEAL, CHIP-PDF brochure below)

3. Refer

Refer patients to Bosch Nutrition (see Patient Referral Form)

4. Eligibility

Bosch Nutrition will check patients' eligibility and will schedule program participation

5. Results

Upon patients' completion of the course you'll receive their results

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Bosch Nutrition performs eligibility checks and schedules patients

Patients won't have out-of-pocket expenses, if covered by a qualifying health plan and diagnosis

FAX: 888.965.7168

CHIP Research & the Benefits of Lifestyle Medicine

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