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HIPAA-compliant, encrypted/secure Electronic Health Record (EHR) system

 Complete medical intake forms from your phone, tablet, or computer in the comfort of your home or from anywhere

Track your food & beverage choices, workouts, and health markers with ease

Share photos of meals, nutrition labels & other nutrition-related info you encounter during your day

 Use secure video chat (telehealth) when you are away from home

Share victories, get encouragement & receive tailored nutrition documents and health information

Upload relevant medical records and lab reports

Confirm appointments and get reminders

 Increase your accountability through regular engagement with your health journey and Bosch Nutrition

Have you ever dreaded having to rush through fillling out medical intake forms at your medical office a few minutes before your appointment? Fortunately, electronic health record systems (EHR) have solved this issue.

Bosch Nutrition is excited to partner with Healthie to provide client-centered, web- and Android/iOS-app-based electronic health record & communication services. Healthie is a HIPAA-compliant, secure/encrypted, and engaging online portal that helps you keep track of your food and beverage choices, workouts, health markers/biometric data, and so much more!


You can seamlessly stay connected with Bosch Nutrition in between appointments and quickly share photos of meals, nutrition labels, or other nutrition-related information that you encounter during your day. And did we mention that you can engage in video chat/telehealth consultations, if you are traveling or don't live near the Eugene & Springfield, Oregon area?

What Healthie Can Do For You!

Since regular feedback, communication, and support is critical for reaching your nutrition, health, and lifestyle goals, you can message Bosch Nutrition, share your victories, get encouragement during setbacks, and receive helpful nutrition documents, as well as health information. Healthie facilitates and promotes accountability, so you can be more successful in reaching your nutrition goals and regaining your health.


Of course, Healthie also allows you to upload relevant health records and lab reports from your physician to help Bosch Nutrition design nutrition recommendations specific to your particular health needs and conditions. And all this from the convenience of your phone, tablet, or computer and the comfort of your home. So, no rush filling out all those forms in 5 minutes!

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