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Boosting Your Immune System to Resist Infection

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Staying hydrated is essential. A simple tip, divide your weight in half, and that is the number of fluid ounces you need to stay hydrated. Add slices of orange or grapefruit with fresh rosemary for a flavor-infused treat. Increasing fluid and vitamin C to help stimulate bowel function, washing out bacterial and viral exposure.

Eat More Plants: By eating more plants, like vegetables, fruit, beans, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds, you're feeding your body with natural, immune-boosting foods. Kale, collards, cilantro, arugula, broccoli, carrots, yellow and red peppers, butternut or acorn squash all are rich in antimicrobial properties. Raw, steamed, boiled, and sauteed are best. Roasting kills most of the vital antimicrobial properties.

Minimize Refined Flours, Sugar, and Alcohol: Focus on eating whole foods to promote a healthy gut and immune system. Limit added sugar from desserts, sodas, and other sugar-sweetened items. Minimize or avoid alcohol, especially those with high sugar content such as wine, daiquiris, and rum-based drinks.

Stay Active: Participate in regular physical activity. Even if you are unable to go to your workout class, there is an abundance of ways to stay active during this time. Check out YouTube for at-home workouts, take a run or walk outdoors, go for a hike, or get creative!

Practice Yoga and Meditation: Carving out time to practice yoga or meditation can be beneficial to both your mind and body during this time. Yoga is an effective way to de-stress because it helps you disconnect from the outside world while reconnecting with your mind and body.

Drink Kombucha: There is nothing like a batch of fermented bacteria and yeast to create a happy place in your digestive tract. I know this sounds a little strange, but seriously kombucha is a natural probiotic, which contributes to a healthy gut. A healthy gut means a more productive day, and getting things checked off your list is a sure way to enhance positivity. Kombucha is an excellent alternative to soda and can be an easy mid-afternoon "pick me up."

Find Joy and Gratitude in Everyday Moments: Research shows that expressing gratitude can decrease both depression and anxiety while setting an overall positive tone for the day.

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