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School Lunch Nutrition Information Goes Mobile

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Many parents and students are interested to know what's in the food they are being served at school. But such nutrition information has been notoriously hard to access, update, and expensive to distribute. Is there a nutrition information system for school districts that is accessible, easily understandable, relevant, and sustainable? Yes, Nutrislice ( has tackled many of these challenges.

Nutrislice communicates innovative changes taking place at a school district's foodservice operation, while providing valuable information to parents and students to effectively counteract childhood obesity or to help them deal with special nutritional needs for example. Being able to access their school’s menus on their favorite mobile device and providing instant feedback gets kids to reflect on their nutrition choices as well as more involved in what is being served at their school.

In addition to crucial nutrition information, parents and students can have immediate access to real-life menu photos, informative menu descriptions, ingredients listings, and allergen information. Most hardware platforms such as iPhones/iPads, Android devices, desktops or laptops are supported.

The built-in meal/food rating feature provides immediate and invaluable feedback to the district's nutrition services department for further menu development and testing of new menu items.

By providing this easy access to nutrition information, students and parents are empowered to make healthier choices and to become part of shaping future menu offerings.

Nutrislice Menus

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