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Food and Nutrition Apps Worth Exploring

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

BiteSnap (1.5.7): A food tracker designed to log meals and track calories through pictures. It’s as simple as taking a picture of your plate and uploading it to the app. BiteSnap then uses artificial intelligence to recognize what food items are in the photo to calculates the calories and nutrients. You can also personalize your experience by importing data from your phone’s health app or manually enter weight, height, age and activity to calculate a target calorie level.

Real Plans (ios version 7.6): A customizable meal planning app that provides healthy and seasonal recipes. Includes more than 2,000 seasonal recipes with options for traditional meals and those following vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, autoimmune and other diets. You can also include or exclude specific food groups or ingredients when creating your meal plan.

Simple Feast: Delicious, healthy, simple recipes on one mobile destination! Select from a number of categories including vegetarian, vegan, fish and seafood, meat, breakfast and brunch, breads, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and cocktails, desserts, anti-inflammatory, paleo and gluten-free. There is also an option to build and save your own recipes.

mySugr: A comprehensive logbook for tracking all things. The logbook is designed to track and enter details for meals, symptoms (hypo or hyper feelings), pre- and post- physical activity readings, emotions, vacation, shopping and even more in the premium version. Provides daily to monthly data and trend analyses, blood glucose graphs and other reports that can easily be exported as PDF, CSV or Excel files.

FODMAP: Grocery Guide is designed to make shopping and selecting foods easier for those following the FODMAP diet. It provides lists of Low-FODMAP food and their associated aisles. Make custom lists to check off as you shop. The best part is, it was made by a RD who specializes in digestive health.

Probiotic Guide App: Probiotics are great for gut health, but can sometimes be confusing. The Probiotic Guide is an educational tool that makes it a little easier to discover, research and identify the right probiotic supplement or food for specific conditions or indications from a smartphone. Users can search for probiotics by brand name, age, gender, and indications from digestive issues to cholesterol-lowering.

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